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It is said that fabric had been woven by warp and weft using cotton yarn 6,000 years ago in Northern India, for the first time in human history.

IIIE has made base in India, the place of a treasury of natural materials and origin of textile goods, as the first joint venture company (50% of Japanese Investment and 50% of Indian Investment) in 1994 by Mr. Miyama Hotta specializing in garment products to all over the world with our own production unit in Delhi and Manesar we have more than 25 dedicated vendors from different area of India.

It handles over 40 buyers from Japan, Europe and USA IIIE shipped over 1,800,000 pics apparel products and bandled 95 million US$ business in 2008.

We excercise our total comprehensive system from planning to production, inspection, and export by Japanese and worldwide quality standards. We will advance toward an even greater goal to produce challenging Indian goods of handicraft by naturals in the background for you.
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