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IIIE is a first Indo - Japanese  inspection Company in India , having its oprations  at Delhi NCR (Gurgaon), Manesar and Jaipur .  The  IIIE company on behalf of its overseas clients carries out 100 % inspection of  quality before garments / home furnishing  are exported from India by differents vendors. So that buyer receive only A Grade goods at ultimate destination . Our factory,  use to  control quality of goods by adopting the inspection system which contries like Japan and China are using .

 Indian exporters use to face the  rejections due various defects like  color variations, woven defects, poor stitching for a long time because the production system is different from China. This defects were only detected when the goods reached to the buyers country . Now the problems can be detected before the goods are shipped out to buyers country .

 The factory consists Good quality Q.C.'s  and  many Japanese staffs and has exprienced inspectors for the controlling management and Quality.  Morever, we are continously up grading our self  order to supply higher quality goods to our clients.


Our Indian head office/factory is located on North of Gurgaon Industrial Area, State of Haryana.
It is 8 km away from IGI Airport and 3 km away from Jaipur Highway.  It takes only 15 minutes to the Airport and 3 hours to the city of Jaipur.

Today, many goods, such as clothing and daily goods, have been imported from India.  India’s texture items often tend to show high rejection rates because one of their chief characteristics is dyed materials with hand-made by using natural resources.                               
 Due to remove rejections against our client and control quality of goods, the inspection factory in India (near Delhi) was found in Dec. 2001 under the guidance of the certified inspection factory of Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation.
The factory deals with the following:
  1.  Arrangement for the inspection system
  2.  Double checks by using 2 needle detection machines
  3.  Support to improve quality of producers
  4.  The logistic-manufacture process based on our inspection. In addition, the factory has the function of overseas office by that the relative company collects arrival-shipment information of goods
Contents of our work
  1.  Process of our Inspection                                   
  2.  Needle Inspection                                   
  3. How to keep Good/Bad Garments                                   
  4. How to Manage Danger Items                                   
We inspect goods factory under the quality guidance by Japanese staffs who know the Japanese standard for inspection well.  Basically we return rejections to vendors, but sometimes they come to our factory to repair the goods.  Whenever we found problems, such as size spec differences, color variation or poor stitching, we promptly contact with our clients by telephone, fax, or e-mail and correspond to them.

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