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Stitching Machines---500 an Average Output Of 1 lac Garment Per Month.
CAD Machine
Automatic Water Treatment Plant
Fully automated Washing PlantHashima Needle Detection machines

   Machine List
  Description Quantity
  Single Needle Sewing Machine 500
  Double Needle Machine 8
  Twin Needle Feed Split Needle Bar Lock S/M 6
  Feed Of Arm, Double Chain Stitch Machine 4
  Four Thread Over Lock Machine 5
  Flat Lock Stitch With Compressor 4
  Five Thread Over Lock Machine 7
  Six Thread Over Lock Machine 6
  Edge Cutter Machine 14
  UBT Computer Machine 20
  Bartack Machine 1
  Button Hole Machine(Computerised) 3
  Button Fasteging Machine(Computerised) 3
  Straight Knife Cutting Machine 5
  Band Knife Cutting Machine 1
  Thread Sucking Machine 1
  Compact Press Machine(Fusing) 1
  Automatic Fusing Machine 2
  Fabric Inspection Machine 1
  Steam Boiler 1
  Garment Washing Machine 1
  Compressid Air Spotting Machine 1
  Perk Dry Cleaning Machine 33Kg 1
  Water Softner, Stefab 1
  Hydro Extractors, Stefab 1
  Tumble Dryers, Stefab 1
  Vaccume Steam Press 10
  Pegasus Flat Bed Inter Lock M/C 4
  Pegasus TF/Binding Inter Lock M/C 1
  Pegasus Cylender Bed I/L with Fabric Trimmer 2
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