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Mr. Miyama Hotta (President) the able source of enlightenment for the group to shine on the global apparel map.
  • Having about 30 years of sourcing experience from Indian/Japanese market.
  • His sound technical knowledge gives edge to the business 
  • Well conversant with the Traditional and Modern Techniques of Apparel Manufacturing in India.
  • Born in Japan, now half Indian, knows the by-lanes of Indian manufacturing centers better than many Indians.

It is said that febric had been woven by warp and weft using cotton yarn 6,000 years ago in Northern India, for the first time in human history.

Our company has a base in India, the placeof a treasury of natural materials and origin of textile goods. We assist in the background to produce garments that suit today's market by using superior Indian craftsmanship which is historic prosperity of the buman race. We are continuously proposing new fashion under the concept of nauure, ecology, and handcraft versus that of industrialization.
Information Technology has saved planning time and air transportation has shortened the distance in distributing goods.Under these circumstances, we produce mainly casual wear and set from new development of styles and designs.We exercise our system from planning to production, inspection, and export by Japanese quality standards. We will advance toward an even greater goal to produce challenging Indian goods of handcrafts by natural materials in the background for you.

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