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Design Development
Considering the importance of creating innovative designs continuously to maintain a niche in the market & to not only just satisfy the ultimate consumers but also to delight them, our design development team is constantly developing designs to cater to your customer's requirements.

  Sourcing Assistance
  In your pursuit of new! different! quality! and economical! products we always walk hand in hand with you. Our Knowledge of the Indian Manufacturing Centers and Markets give us an edge, which ably assists you in sourcing any fashion product from India.
Style and Accessory Approvals

  To avoid any delays in the approval process and for ensuring that the Right Product reaches the store at the Right Time, based on our understanding of the buyer's requirements, we accord Style and Accessory Approvals at our end.

Quality Assurance
  We have a comprehensive Quality Assurance System in Place, our Quality Assurance starts right from assuring the fabric quality , when it comes to the factory, then it involves periodic, stage wise assurance and then Final Inspection, before the goods are shipped out to you, to ensure that what you get is what you ordered. 

Production Monitoring
  Apart from Quality Assurance, to ensure that delivery deadlines are met, we monitor the Production Process closely and keep you updated of the production status at all times.

Trims & Closure Developments
  Again in order to ensure Timely Delivery and Right Quality, we have a system of getting the Trims and Closures developed, right under our nose, as per the buyer's specifications.

Platform inspection by sister concern I.I.I.E.
  We have a sister concern which performs the Platform inspection in India itself as per the strict Japanese Standards 
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