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  We check Metal by using 2 needle detection machines (Hashima).  We manage these machines with voltmeter, its buzzer and human check to eliminate any kind of metal attached with goods.  If we have any case to use handy-needle machines with some reasons.

  We regularly check voltmeters and sensitivities of needle detection machines for the needle check.

  Because needle detection machines are sensitive to dusts, noises, and metal part, So the persons related to the needle detection pay much attention of it and can not take any metal part like metal watch, metal chain, metal ring etc.

  We can find any kind of metals hidden in goods by using handy-needle detection machines to search at which part needles are.

  We put the needle detected  Pcs. Into the needle rejection box which is locked.

  We have the environment that we can be help to various packing instructions.

  We re-put checked goods in each carton box after needle check.

Test Pcs. Checking Method

  We use test Pcs. To check the machine weather it is working properly and not.

  We check the needle Machine  in 9 coil test area after  every one hour by the test Pcs.

Before/After Needle inspection goods

  Goods can not be pass withou needle inspection because there is no space to enter the needle detection room accept passing by the machine.

  After needle inspection we count the Pcs. Again and Packed into the box with our original tapes and strapping as  I.I.I.E Mark.
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