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Company History.

The first Japanese joint venture company in India established in April, 1994.(50% of Japaneses investment and 50% Indian investment). Now 100% investment is by the Japanese owner.

Inspection Business (started operation in 2001).

The first full-scale inspection factory in India which meets with Japanese quality standards.3 Japanese professional inspector are residing.
Delhi Factory   : Inspecting 10,000 pcs/day (300,000 pcs/month).
Jaipur Factory : Inspection 10,000 pcs/day (300,000 pcs/month).

Garment Factory.

Daily output of Manesar and Delhi factory is 6,000 pcs and monthly production is around 150,000 pcs 100% sewing machines are made in Japan. In addition, there is an arrangement of recycling of water for the environment. High level quality control - can make white garments and can comply with Europe and the United States. 3 Japanese staffs are residing.
Manesar Factory : Capacity of 4,000 pcs/day (100,000 pcs/month).

Planning and Export.

Computer-aided pattern making and color simulation. Japanese printer is used to make tags and labels. Furthermore, installation of the SCM helps to manage the process of production of our own factory and subcontract factories until export is done.More than 1,100 pcs of beads,spangles, and stones are attached on this single camisole, which are all done by handwork, the craftsmanship India is proud of.

Spangles and beaded shirts with embroidery on print and lame fabric attracted to the young's attention and appeared in famous magazines in Japan.Most of Indian fabric is woven loosely by single yarn, which gives characteristic fo thickness and lightness. This soft handfeel cannot be obtained from China fabric because it is woven tightly. Indian fabric is popular from Europe to world level. Voile fabric with effects on the surface is being watched with keen interest.Indian garments are well-known as summer wear, but they can be developed for autumn/winter by using brushed fabric. Indian garments are expected for all seasons.Materials and techniques of India are used in home furnishing as well as garments.

IIIE is a first Indo - Japanese inspection Company in India , having its oprations at Delhi NCR (Gurgaon), Manesar and Jaipur . The IIIE company on behalf of its overseas clients carries out 100 % inspection of quality before garments / home furnishing are exported from India by differents vendors. So that buyer receive only A Grade goods at ultimate destination . Our factory, use to control quality of goods by adopting the inspection system which contries like Japan and China are using .

Indian exporters use to face the rejections due various defects like color variations, woven defects, poor stitching for a long time because the production system is different from China. This defects were only detected when the goods reached to the buyers country . Now the problems can be detected before the goods are shipped out to buyers country .

The factory consists Good quality Q.C.'s and many Japanese staffs and has exprienced inspectors for the controlling management and Quality. Morever, we are continously up grading our self order to supply higher quality goods to our clients.
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